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Your help can change lives!

Every year, thousands of donors like you express their support and their love of children. Whatever your contribution, be assured that every dollar collected contributes directly to the well-being of the children and parents who stay at the Montreal House.

As an independent non-profit organization, FONDATION DES AMIS DE L’ENFANCE (MONTREAL) INC. would like to thank all of the generous donors, both individuals and companies, who  help us continue  to offer parents this housing service, which is indispensable during treatments.

By cheque

Make out your cheque to FONDATION DES AMIS DE L’ENFANCE (MONTREAL) INC., and send it by mail to the following address:

The Montreal Ronald McDonald House
5800 Hudson Road
Montreal, Quebec, H3S 2G5

By phone,
you can make your donation using a credit card by calling us at 514 731-2871. We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Or send your information by fax to 514 739-8823.

We also accept In Memoriam donations. This allows you to offer your condolences by honoring the memory of a deceased person. The In Memoriam forms are available upon request from the Foundation, and in some funeral homes, or call us at 514 731-2871.

We send official tax receipts for donations of $20 and more.