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How you can help

How to become a volunteer

Our volunteers are the heart of the House!

What can be more pleasant than the warm welcoming smile on a volunteer’s face when they meet you during your first visit to the Ronald McDonald House or when you are going back home.

At the Ronald McDonald House a warm and  friendly  service play an essential role. Thanks to the contribution of volunteers, the House can carry out its mission and make the daily lives of families going through difficult times a little bit easier.

Join our team and help us continue our mission. To sign up, please, read the following requirements and Contact Angela Cellini, office assistant and volunteer coordinator at 514 731-2871.

I want to get involved!


  • Interview (mandatory)
  • 16 years of age and up to help out in the House
  • 18 years of age or more at the reception
  • Minimum of 4 hours per day; minimum commitment of 4 months
  • Must speak French and some English
  • Must be available between 8:30 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Task Description
There are several opportunities for volunteers at the Montreal Ronald McDonald House. Here are a few:

The Bridor Company offers us ready-to-bake pastries for our families that just need to be  baked in the oven. Just the smell of freshly baked croissants or other baked goods is very comforting!

The House has a variety of decorations for different celebrations like Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, etc., which remind people of home.

Reception (18 years and older)
The volunteers at the reception welcome the families when they arrive, answer their questions, visit their rooms when they leave and answer the phone.

Housekeeping, indoors and outdoors
Volunteers help  the families with the housekeeping of the common areas.

Weekend Volunteers

The weekend volunteer stays at the House and oversees all daily operations during the entire weekend.